Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland : the transformation of Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie embody women fist and power in Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland, biopic, historical, about the fate of these two sovereigns. But how are they slipped into their role ? Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland has returned to the destiny tumultuous charismatic Mary Stuart, as the story goes, the writer John Guy in his book, Queen of Scots. It is the Irish Saoirse Ronan has been chosen to embody the one, a widow at 18 years of age and refusing to remarry according to tradition, returns to his native Scotland to claim the throne that rightfully belongs to it. But it was without counting on Elizabeth 1st (Margot Robbie), who will fight for the crown of England. The two actresses have not hesitated to metamorphose to play these two power women. Universal Pictures International France And to achieve this, they have been able to count on the help of two women, whose work on another biopic released in 2007, Elizabeth : the golden age, was rewarded by an Oscar. Jenny Shircore, hairdresser and makeup artist, had already transformed Cate Blanchett, and reiterates the experience on Margot Robbie. The one who will play Barbie soon to the cinema is so unrecognizable in the role of the Queen of England, with his bright red hair and her outfits impressive. It is more so than when his character begins to suffer from smallpox, a disease that will mark his skin of scars. At the end of his life, the queen was half bald, which required him to wear strange wigs and powder their excessively his face. Margot Robbie has played the game, as evidenced by the photos below. “The hairstyles and the make-up of Jenny in me have really helped me, as an actress, to see the evolution of Elizabeth. They have a huge part in the journey emotional of the person she becomes,” says Robbie. Universal Pictures International France Even if the metamorphosis of Saoirse Ronan is much less impressive than his sidekick, the actress is known to be a veritable chameleon, moving from one style and one genre to another with relative ease. In this biopic, historical, Ronan swapped her blonde hair for the most auburn of Mary Stuart “in order To accentuate the contrast between Elizabeth and myself, we chose a red-haired frank, almost flamboyant”, she says. But real work has also been done on the costumes of the time, that the chief Alexandra Byrne wanted a memorable and modern. Of work pieces which reflect the character of these two queens, as explained by Saoirse : “The colors worn by Mary change throughout the film. Alex translated beautifully to his journey. First on the beach in Scotland, it is pale blue, and then, as the film progresses, it bears the colours darker.” Any work that the audience can discover from the 27 February to the cinema.