Meeting with Adam Scott on the occasion of the screening of two episodes of the reboot at the festival Series Mania. The actor is emblematic of Parks and Recreation (who today celebrates his 46-year-old) is back from its relation to the cult series. How did you get on the reboot of The Twilight Zone ? You are immediately manifested or has it come to pick you up ? Adam Scott : I was aware that Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg, and CBS rebootaient The Twilight Zone, and of course I told myself that I would have loved to do this because I am a big fan of the series. But I never imagined that we could think of to me, it does me not come to mind. A few months later, we received the proposal, and I was ready to say yes immediately, but my agent told me, “you should read the script first”… And it was awesome. I was really very happy to do so. Why then is it not you would not be considered to be part of the series, according to you ? I guess it is because over the last ten years, I’ve mostly done comedy. Sometimes people would limit themselves to that, so I started comedy on a stroke of luck : I was auditioning for a role in the film Brothers in spite of themselves, and from there my career has been oriented towards comedy, which is absolutely great and very fun, I love it ! But before Brothers in spite of them, I was doing mainly drama. It is great to return to it, in a certain way. Do you find comedy more difficult to play that drama ? It all really depends on the character of the project, the tone… there are so many different factors. In general comedy is more difficult, but again it’s a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, it’s the suspense that’s extremely hard to transmit. It is very close to the comedy in this sense of duty to do the correct dosage for it to work. Your episode, “Nightmare at 30,000 feet”, is a remake of an episode from 1963, “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. What are the main common points between the two ? This is not really a remake, there are more differences than similarities, the only issue being that the common starting point is a type in an aircraft. In this new version, the importance of technology in particular, is one of the main differences, as well as the way in which we judge each other constantly. It is very 2019. Can you tell us a few words about your character in this episode, Justin Anderson ? I play a guy who needs to take the plane, so that it has a slight phobia of air at the base. So that it takes place on his seat and tries to relax before take-off, he finds an old mp3 player in the back pocket of the seat in front of him. Like an iPod, except that the camera seems to come out of the 1970s or 1980s, a relic of the technology. Out of curiosity, and also because he has nothing else to do, he puts his headphones and begins to listen to what it contains : a podcast on the mystery of the disappearance of a flight… which turns out to be the flight in which it is located. The podcast then begins to predict things that happen onboard, and the plane is about to disappear. I then try to convince everyone of what is going to save us. And all the world believes me to be crazy, because I look crazy ! (laughter) I am often nervous in an airplane myself, so that didn’t help. When I fly, I try to imagine that this is only fiction, not to think too much about the fact of being trapped in a giant tube, propelled through the sky. What is it makes you to be the spokesman of a series of anthological in the course of this festival, so that you appear in only one episode ? It’s fun, it’s like the promo of a short film. A film that would not have taken twelve days to shoot. It is for this reason that they have managed to have a cast as incredible on the first season because you don’t have to commit to several years, it could mobilize only a few weeks. You arrive, you’ll immediately, and they take out a thing wonderful. It is really fun to do, and it is great that the format is anthological makes his comeback. As a spectator, I am delighted. Compared to the original series, what are your first impressions on this reboot ? Does this have an effect nostalgic in the tone wanted ? I don’t think the series is nostalgic, but it fits perfectly in the tradition of the work that Rod Serling had created. This is an honest extension of his work, namely, the science-fiction that reflects and comments on the american culture. She holds up a mirror on what we are currently experiencing, not only in the United States but around the world. It’s great that the format is anthological makes his comeback. As a spectator, I am delighted. What is your report of sériephile to The Twilight Zone ? I discovered the series at the age of eleven or twelve years old. There was no television in the house, but I had a nothing to me right next to my bed, with the black and white image, a kind of huge rectangle with a screen of twelve inches wide. And it only had three channels because we didn’t have cable, therefore my choice of programs was very limited. During the summer, I had the right to go to bed later, and it was there that I discovered The Twilight Zone, which was broadcast every night at 23h on a local channel. When I discovered it, it has really heightened my imagination and my curiosity, and given rise to a need stories. I became fascinated by the storytelling process. Nobody was telling the stories as well as Rod Serling. I became a fan at that time, it remains one of my favorite series. A episode you a-t-he marked in particular ? Yes, there is one that I love, it is the one called “A kind of a Stopwatch” I believe”A Curious Clock”, episode 4 of season 5, editor’s note), in which a man finds a watch that can stop time. He becomes greedy and can’t stop, until he breaks the watch and it is trapped, alone in the space-time continuum for the rest of his days. What do you think of the work of Jordan Peele, and her foray into the TV series ? What Jordan is incredible, and I am convinced that it will have a very great impact in all the areas where he puts his feet. The tv is all the more appropriate for his work. Science fiction is often based on fears, very intimate; what would be the disaster scenario, the most terrifying in your eyes ? That our president is re-elected for a second term. Check out the trailer for The Twilight Zone : The Twilight Zone (2019) – season 1 trailer VO

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Four months after its release, Bohemian Rhapsody has 861 million dollars in revenue and four Oscars. The chinese public is ready to finally discover the film of Bryan Singer in a watered-down version. 2017 Twentieth Century Fox censorship is rampant in China and even the speech of Rami Malek receiving his best actor Oscar has been subtitled so as to ignore any reference to the gay community, replacing the expression by “particular group”. There, the actor, therefore, would have thanked him, saying : “We have made a film about a man from a particular group, an immigrant, who has lived his life by being himself, without compromise.” However, after his cardboard box-office worldwide and its rain of awards, the chinese public can no longer ignore the existence of this film titled Bohemian Rhapsody, which has delighted the entire planet. According to the Hollywood Reporter , an output china is now expected in a few theaters… but especially in a truncated version that will exclude scenes of kissing between men and any representation of the addiction. Oscars 2019 : who is the canadian singer who interprets the pipes of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody ? It will remain all the same, in this version censored, the story of a group of rock extravagant called the Queen and his incredible success up to a certain Live Aid in 1985. If some projections organized are a great success, an output larger on the chinese territory will be considered. And if Bohemian Rhapsody crossed the billion dollars in global box office ? Waiting to see if Queen makes wonders in China as in the rest of the world, the French audience will have the joy of rediscovering Bohemian Rhapsody DVD and Blu-ray from the Wednesday 6 march 2019. Check out our blind test the inverted Rami Malek and Gwilym Lee for Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody : Rami Malek and Gwilym Lee mode blind test Queen… reversed !

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The 26th awards ceremony of the French Film was hailed, like every year, the champions of the box office and audiences. And the winners are… Each year the Trophies of the French Film award the “darlings” of the public, by acknowledging the films that have attracted the most viewers in cinemas or works the best hearings on television. On Tuesday 5 February, the 26th ceremony was held in the framework of the Palais Brongniart, and was particularly welcomed on two occasions, The Great bath of Gilles Lellouche, as well as the trio of Dummies. The super-family the Incredibles, meanwhile, she placed a hand on the Trophy of Trophies, saluting the champion of the box office year, with a little less than 200 000 entries in advance on the family Tuche, which is offering the Trophy of the French film of the year. Trophy Trophies
The Incredibles 2 (5 845 365* entries) Trophy from the French film
The Tuche 3 (5 687 200* entries) Trophy of the first work
Everyone standing (2 417 045* entries) Trophy UniFrance (Trophy of the French film majority French in the French language, having attracted the largest number of spectators in a room abroad in 2018)
Taxi 5 Trophy of the fiction unit
Jacqueline Wild : it was him or me Trophy duo director‐producer – Revelation
Up to the guard – Xavier Legrand/Alexandre Gavras Trophy duo director‐producer – Cinema
The Great bath – Gilles Lellouche/Alain Attal & Hugo Sélignac Trophy duo author‐producer – Television
Hippocrates Thomas Lilti, Anaïs Carpita, Claude Le Pape, Julien Lilti/Agnes Valley, Emmanuel Barraux Trophy of the operator of the year
Christine Beauchemin‐Flot (Cinema Select, Antony) Trophée du public TF1 (chosen by the users of the websites of the TF1 group, one of the ten feature films French, who have gathered the most viewers in room 2018)
The Great bath Trophy for personality of the year (elected by the readers and viewers of the French Film)
The collective 5050 in 2020 Trophy of honor
Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia, and Chantal Lauby *source The Incredibles 2 trailer VF

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How Emilia Clarke, interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen, she reacted when she learned the fate of his character in “Game of Thrones”, including the last season will be available exclusively from the 15 April on OCS ? HBO More than a big month to wait before we discover the outcome of Game of Thrones ! If all the fans wonder again about the outcome of the characters of the famous series HBO, Emilia Clarke, she knows the truth, since the month of October 2017. A heavy secret that the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen had to keep it since that unforgettable day, where she was finally able to discover how to end the story of his character. While we met in London in February, she told us – without disclosing the slightest clue about the plot of the season 8 – how it had reacted to reading the script for the first time… “I had 4 days of vacation between Star Wars and Game of Thrones,” she recalls. “I knew very well that they were going to send me the script then, so I haven’t been able to relax myself, because I couldn’t wait any longer. I am descended from the plane, and they to me have sent. So I’m sitting with a cup of tea, I am free for a whole day, to be able to read in peace.” Game of Thrones : who owns the fleet you saw in the trailer ? “When I finished, I got out of my house, I took my keys, and I am again found in me about 3 hours later. This is the time that it took me to digest what had just happened. I went for a walk, I have wandered endlessly in the streets of London to try to regain my breath. Yes, this is a huge season.” This was enough to wake up the impatience of fans for this eighth and final season, available exclusively from the 15 April on OCS. The complete series is also available on demand on the OCS. Waiting for the Day J, and (re)discover the trailer… Game of Thrones – season 8 trailer VO

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Then that Flora sows discord in the couple of Bart, Marge comes to the aid of Caesar. In parallel, Sandrine, Laurence and Morgan to take things into their own hands, and Clementine confronts Jimmy. Capture d'Attention screen, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! Thursday, April 11, in Tomorrow belongs to us… FLORA SOWS DISCORD IN THE COUPLE OF BART The relationship between Bart and Flora are stretched. Although she apologizes for having done evil, the latter does not want to hear. Flora, who seeks at any price to see his son leave Hugo, reveals that his companion is having an affair with Julien. But Bart refuses to believe her and leaves the room. Nevertheless puzzled by the words of his mother, Bart asks Hugo who confesses to him the truth. He says that Julien has fallen in love with him in protecting it from the fate of the homosexuals in prison, and that from his side he just wanted to forget Bart. Wiped out by these confessions, Bart refuses to apologize. Very reassembled, Bart makes an appointment with you to Julien. The truth finally unveiled, the two men will explain. Julien takes a perverse pleasure to support where it hurts, until you cause the anger of Bart. While the latter shakes him several times, Julien gets his turn and hits him in the face. Bart is to the ground and Julian beats him up before leaving him alone lying in the street. MARGOT COMES to the AID of A CESAR Marianne warned Chloe and Anna to the admission of Caesar to the hospital the day before. The child suffers from hospitalisme, the depression in the infant. In the absence of his mother, he refuses to eat. Chloe and Anna are trying to reassure the new-born and to give him his bottle, but in vain. Marianne then explains that it is necessary to ask him a feeding tube even if it could be dangerous. In the Face of the urgency of the situation, Chloe asks Margot to help Caesar and convinces her to come and attempt to feed her son. Although it is not very comfortable with Caesar, Margot gives him the bottle. The teenager is reassuring and whispers to her baby, it is important that it be nourished. Despite several attempts, the child still refuses to eat. Very upset, she apologizes and leaves the hospital to visit Kylian. Margot guilty that he let his son die, and entrusts them to the man she loves. The latter reassures her, saying that she is strong and courageous. He advises her to take time, and then return to the hospital when she will feel ready to try again. In the evening, Chloe is with Caesar when Marianne announces that the doctors are going to place the feeding tube. Margot arrives in the room to take news of his son. Chloe had intended to spend the night with Caesar, but the young woman tells him that it is not worth it and that it will stay to deal with it. SANDRINE, LAURENCE AND MORGAN to TAKE THE SITUATION IN HAND, Informed by Sandrine, Morgane surprises his son in the process of reselling a phone out of high school. Gabriel then seeks to cause his mother, but the latter does not let himself dismount and forced him to follow. They join Laurence, Sandrine and Arthur at Spoon to discuss. In the Face of threats from their mothers, the two teenagers tell the whole story. Given the gravity of the facts and of the risks they face, Morgane, Laurence and Sandrine decided not to say anything to the police. During this time, George and Lucy, who are on the heels of three alleged dealers, find the safehouse Arthur, Gabriel and Charlie in which are stored the boxes containing stolen phones. CLEMENTINE CONFRONTS MAXIMUS During his rehabilitation session with Amanda, Clementine says to have seen it with Maxim in boxing. The latter believes Amanda who swears he has never anything happened between them, but did not understand why his companion and the nurse had not told the truth. Later, Clementine asks of the accounts in Maxim. Pained by the falsehood of his companion, she explains to him be ready to let him liberties because it does not pass that he is unhappy in their relationship. Maxim reassures her and tells her to be happy with it. After this important discussion, they spend the evening together. But when he receives a message from Amanda, unhappy that he had been a rabbit, Maxime lied once again to Clementine ensuring that the message is from Margot…

Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie embody women fist and power in Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland, biopic, historical, about the fate of these two sovereigns. But how are they slipped into their role ? Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland has returned to the destiny tumultuous charismatic Mary Stuart, as the story goes, the writer John Guy in his book, Queen of Scots. It is the Irish Saoirse Ronan has been chosen to embody the one, a widow at 18 years of age and refusing to remarry according to tradition, returns to his native Scotland to claim the throne that rightfully belongs to it. But it was without counting on Elizabeth 1st (Margot Robbie), who will fight for the crown of England. The two actresses have not hesitated to metamorphose to play these two power women. Universal Pictures International France And to achieve this, they have been able to count on the help of two women, whose work on another biopic released in 2007, Elizabeth : the golden age, was rewarded by an Oscar. Jenny Shircore, hairdresser and makeup artist, had already transformed Cate Blanchett, and reiterates the experience on Margot Robbie. The one who will play Barbie soon to the cinema is so unrecognizable in the role of the Queen of England, with his bright red hair and her outfits impressive. It is more so than when his character begins to suffer from smallpox, a disease that will mark his skin of scars. At the end of his life, the queen was half bald, which required him to wear strange wigs and powder their excessively his face. Margot Robbie has played the game, as evidenced by the photos below. “The hairstyles and the make-up of Jenny in me have really helped me, as an actress, to see the evolution of Elizabeth. They have a huge part in the journey emotional of the person she becomes,” says Robbie. Universal Pictures International France Even if the metamorphosis of Saoirse Ronan is much less impressive than his sidekick, the actress is known to be a veritable chameleon, moving from one style and one genre to another with relative ease. In this biopic, historical, Ronan swapped her blonde hair for the most auburn of Mary Stuart “in order To accentuate the contrast between Elizabeth and myself, we chose a red-haired frank, almost flamboyant”, she says. But real work has also been done on the costumes of the time, that the chief Alexandra Byrne wanted a memorable and modern. Of work pieces which reflect the character of these two queens, as explained by Saoirse : “The colors worn by Mary change throughout the film. Alex translated beautifully to his journey. First on the beach in Scotland, it is pale blue, and then, as the film progresses, it bears the colours darker.” Any work that the audience can discover from the 27 February to the cinema.